And the winners are....

On Saturday 3rd September Elite Family Day Care enjoyed a celebratory night as we got together with educators to take part in our annual awards night. 
The Elite Family Day Care "We Are" Awards are an opportunity for the Elite community to recognise Elite individuals/services who have excelled in their daily practice across five categories. Each of the categories directly relate to the Elite Values, a comprehensive set of guiding principles that drive educator decisions at all levels.
We are proud to announce the following 2022 winners;
EMMA FOX - Adventurous Educator 2022
This award recognises an educator that is not afraid to think outside the box or challenge the status quo. This educator is always asking how we can do more and do it better. They are always looking for opportunities to connect with the community, encouraging everyone around them to thrive.
NATALIE WILKINS - Collaborative Educator 2022
This award recognises an educator that puts diversity and respect at the heart of everything they do. They are exemplary listeners, with problem solving abilities to match. They are involved in the betterment of the Elite business including mentoring other educators, reviewing processes and championing change.
COMFORT BROWN - Caring Educator 2022
This award recognises an educator that has a big heart. They are focused on the social and emotional wellbeing of all around them and are passionate advocates for those who don’t have a voice. This person strives to improve our quality standards, holding us all accountable on the journey.
BRYANNA RAMOS - Trustworthy Educator 2022
This award recognises an educator that is reflective in all areas of practice, always being responsible and connected with our values, needs, interests and hopes. This person is a foundational member of the Elite community using sound judgement in all aspects of their business operations.
DANIELLE HARBEN - The WOW Educator Award 2022
This award recognises an educator that excels across all Elite values. They are a role model for all Elite educators always looking for opportunities to improve and positively influence the Elite community. They are a big thinker, collaborating with Elite staff and other educators on how to implement big ideas into practice, making the impossible possible. This individual encompasses all that it is to be an Elite Family Day Care educator and leader.
These annual awards are just one of the many perks of partnering with Elite Family Day Care as your preferred provider.  
To find out more about becoming an Elite Family Day Care educators contact us today.