The elite support team are experts in supporting family day care educators through respectful and reciprocal relationships. Our team is skilled in supporting families to ensure they receive the education and care they expect. 

Elite Family Day Care is committed to supporting elite educators to build and maintain successful businesses through the process of quality improvement. Elite Business Development Managers work with elite educators to establish shared business goals to ensure the ongoing provision of quality education and care services to the Western Australian community. Elite provides ongoing professional development opportunities including exclusive conferences and workshops, specialised training plans. Find out more about the Elite support team below.

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Approved Provider & General Manager

aka Da Boss Lady

Hello I'm the Approved Provider and owner/ operator of Elite Family Day Care, With over 28 years’ experience in FDC. I have undertaken many roles throughout my career in the industry from a teenager growing up in a FDC home, to establishing my own business as an FDC educator, to now owning elite and supporting FDC educators throughout WA.

One of our strongest values at Elite include respectful and reciprocal relationships. This underpins my practice and I ensure all business decisions are considered from both the view points of educators operating in their home and the legislative requirements in operating a service.

My qualifications include an Advanced Diploma in Children's Services. Additionally, I have completed courses in education (teaching) hospitality, nutrition, business and franchising.

Fun Fact: Sonya has a diploma in Ufology! See an UFO, who ya gonna call?? SONYA!

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Operations, People & Culture Facilitator

aka the rule keeper

p: 1300 796 399

Jenna is our service generalist, having worked in a range of roles within the elite fdc family since 2019. Jenna holds a wealth of knowledge and experience having been in the ECE and child safety sector since 2009. Jenna currently takes care of all our support team, educator recruitment, day to day service operations, educator & team training and ensures our Human Resource systems remain efficient, compliant and in line with current legislation.  

Fun Fact: Although physically uncoordinated Jenna can bust out a brilliant dadjoke… anywhere anytime 

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Business Administration Team Leader

aka the paper plane maker

p: 1300 796 399

Elsie is our Business Administration Team Leader taking care of the compliance in maintaining our services documentation and overseeing our administration and finance support team. Elsie has a secret passion for compliance and paperwork and has worked in management & leadership roles for many years. 

Elsie has been in the ECE sector for over 20 years and comes with a wealth of knowledge and skills. Over the years Elsie has seen the positive impacts family day care offers and understands the importance of security, relationships and collaboration.

Fun Fact: Elsie enjoys being outdoors, the beach and the bush. She love going on adventures with her son all around Albany which is a beautiful place to raise a family. She is also passionate about horse riding and the environment and is part of a volunteer group trying to save and ensure the correct management of the magnificent Stidwell Bridle Trail in Albany.

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Educational Leader

aka Success Sidekick 

Karina is our services Educational Leader. Karina has extensive experience within the early childhood, training & assessment sector. Having been a FDC educator herself for 7 years.

Karina prides herself on helping others succeed, adding additional knowledge to educators' professional tool kits, and leading our development and training in curriculum program development. She ensures our educators are equipped with the latest knowledge, research and changes within the National Quality Framework.

Karina has a real passion for working with educators and families to allow them the opportunity to grow, develop and learn in safe nurturing environments Karina can be contacted to assist with all questions on educational programs and planning.

Fun Fact: Karina is our Tour de gym guru! The only one who doesn’t require coffee.

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Early Childhood Teacher / Business Development Mentor

Kia ora koutou 

Ko Mauao te maunga 

Ko Tauranga te moana

Ko Tauranga toku ukaipo

Ko Ngai Tahu te iwi 

Ko Poulter toku whanau 

Ko Abby toku ingoa

I am a proud wahine Maori. I come from a family of teachers, and I started in education at 3 years old when my mum did her teacher training, and I just never left. After completing secondary school, I went straight to university to complete my bachelor of teaching (ECE). I have spent the last 14 years in early childhood education in various roles, but most recently in early intervention supporting akonga Maori (Maori learners), and diverse learners on their own learning journeys. I have recently completed my PostGradDip in specialist teaching- early intervention, and look forward to continuing my learning journey. I have a passion for supporting indigenous communities, and working within the trauma and FASD spaces. I am so excited to be joining the Elite team and sharing my passion and knowledge within the communities we work in. 

In my spare time, I like going to the beach, spending time with my two dogs and family, and studying some more… 

Fun fact: I am a level 5 qualified personal trainer and compete in powerlifting competitions

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family day care Business Development Mentor

aka Robin to your Batman

Jac’s journey with elite fdc started in 2019 after making the change from operating her own family day care business for over 10 years. She has experienced multiple areas of the childcare sector before discovering and settling with Family Day care.

Jac loves that family day care allows children to develop their unique individual interests, be part of the planning and structure of their day within a small, nurturing family home environment. Thus creating opportunities for educators to really build secure and supportive relationships with each child not just be a number.

Her role as a Business Development Mentor is to ensure Compliance and support for our educators. Mentoring independent contractors in operating compliant successful small businesses that provide quality outcomes and services for their communities. Jac can be contacted to assist with onsite visits, queries relating to compliance, potential conflict and educator service approvals.

Fun Fact: Jac is a closet heavy mental band enthusiast!

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Family Day Care Business Development Mentor

aka Success Sidekick

Namaste Everyone,

Mugdha is one of our Business Development Mentors and has been in Early Childhood Education since 2014. She completed her studies in New Zealand working her way through various roles such as Group Leader, Director and Educational Leader with her biggest achievement in training and mentoring educators in opening a brand new service before making the move to Australia.

Mugdha enjoys working with the services who follow 'Learning through play', 'Montessori', and 'Reggio Emilia' philosophies. She likes to learn the different theories and approaches towards early childhood education. Pedagogy and Cultural inclusion in early learning is her passion. Mugdha adores and respects her culture, always eager to learn about different cultures surrounding her.

In her spare time, Mugdha loves to practise photography, volunteer at community events and travel the world which keeps her connected to family and friends.

Fun Fact: Mugdha Majored in Indian classical dance (Bharatanatyam) and operated a dance school back in India teaching classical dance to students of all ages!

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CCS Integrity

aka The Enforcer

Lechelle is our Child Care Subsidy Coordinator. She is a founding team member of elite fdc, having been an integral part of our team since 2008! Lechelle was also an educator herself from July 2007 through to December 2008, not wanting to leave the sector Lechelle chose to accept a position alongside Sonya in our office. Lechelle’s role is unique and required her to be up to date in the latest child care subsidy legislation and compliance with lots of attention to detail when processing over 900 families' attendances each week. Lechelle’s favourite part of her role has been watching elite grow from just 11 Educators locally to now 100 plus!!

Fun Fact: Lechelle is our closet speedway groupie!! 

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Family Accounts Coordinator

aka Chief bean counter

Are you our next team member? We are currently seeking an experienced accounts coordinator. To find out more visit SEEK 

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Family & Community Experience Coordinator

aka Success Champion

Kathy is a respected veteran in the Early Childhood sector, she began her career in 1995 having worked in the USA and Australia throughout a range of positions from Nannying, leadership roles to then operating her own FDC service for 10 years. Kathy then made the jump to the service office where she is our Family & Community Experience Coordinator. Kathy handles all our family enrolments, surveys and overall client experience with elite fdc. Kathy thrives on building relationships with our families and educators, supporting our community with expert childcare.

Fun Fact: Kathy is a snake lover, as long as they are her own though, not always the wild ones

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Benefit Risk Assessor Compliance Officer

aka Hazard Hunter

Cassie is our Hazard Hunter her role involves working alongside educators to create, monitor and review educator risk assessments, ensuring compliance and ensuring the health and safety of all children, their families and our educators.

Cassie has been in the Early Childhood Sector since 2017. Cassie has experienced both long day care before making the jump to operating her own Family Day Care Service.

Cassie believes in equal opportunity for children to thrive and grow, in their own way and time. She understands the important influence both educators and their environment have on them and their development.

Cassie thrives on assisting educators in developing amazing excursions and creating lifelong memories in a safe and risk assessed managed way.

Fun Fact: Cassie is a puzzle queen, she manages to get a 1000 piece puzzle down in under 4 hours!

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