The elite support team are experts in supporting family day care educators through respectful and reciprocal relationships. Our team is skilled in supporting families to ensure they receive the education and care they expect. 

Elite Family Day Care is committed to supporting elite educators to build and maintain successful businesses through the process of quality improvement. Elite Business Development Managers work with elite educators to establish shared business goals to ensure the ongoing provision of quality education and care services to the Western Australian community. Elite provides ongoing professional development opportunities including exclusive conferences and workshops, specialised training plans. Find out more about the Elite support team below.

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Approved Provider & General Manager

aka Da Boss Lady

e: sonya@elitefdc.com.au

Hello I'm the Approved Provider and owner/ operator of Elite Family Day Care, With over 28 years’ experience in FDC. I have undertaken many roles throughout my career in the industry from a teenager growing up in a FDC home, to establishing my own business as an FDC educator, to now owning elite and supporting FDC educators throughout WA.

One of our strongest values at Elite include respectful and reciprocal relationships. This underpins my practice and I ensure all business decisions are considered from both the view points of educators operating in their home and the legislative requirements in operating a service.

My qualifications include an Advanced Diploma in Children's Services. Additionally, I have completed courses in education (teaching) hospitality, nutrition, business and franchising.

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Educational Leader

aka The Wizz Kid

e: jenna@elitefdc.com.au

After deciding to make a career change in 2009, I fell in love with the childcare sector. I worked my way through the various types of childcare, experiencing long day care (LDC), Nannying and OSHC before settling in family day care (FDC). I hold a Diploma in Children’s Services and spent 2.5 years as secretary of the educational leader’s association. I thoroughly enjoy my role of leading and mentoring the design and implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework.


Working collaboratively with educators to upskill their professional development, whilst assisting families in their transitions is a passion of mine, as I believe this creates authentic respectful and reciprocal relationships between all stakeholders.


After being a FDC educator myself I relate to the complexities, responsibilities and achievements of such a role. I believe quality education in a calm, nurturing and homely environment provides children with the best start to their formal learning journey. My passion for FDC comes from seeing the benefits it brings not only children but to the family as a whole.

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family day care Business Development Mentor

aka Robin to your Batman

e: jac@elitefdc.com.au  or m: 0437 835 001

I completed my Certificate III in childcare and then went on to complete my Diploma in Children’s services while working in a Long Day Care service. I then discovered Family Day Care and opened my own business, 

I thoroughly enjoyed my 10 years as an educator. For me personally I love that Family Day Care allows children to develop their unique individual interests naturally in a family environment, while allowing them to be part of the planning process in how they might like to spend their day. It gives educators the opportunity to spend quality time with each child, encouraging and allowing them to develop at their own pace.

Since taking on the Business Development role, I really enjoy mentoring educators and ensuring the best quality outcomes for children.

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Family Day Care Business Development Mentor

aka Success Sidekick

e: sarah@elitefdc.com.au

I have been in the childcare industry for 21 years with experience in long day care centres. I hold my Diploma in Children Services and just recently completed my Certificate 3 in Business. I believe all children learn and develop at their own pace and in their own way. As a Business Development Mentor it is my role to ensure every child will be supported by our team of professional educators who will understand their individual needs and requirements assisting them to achieve their best and will provide positive early childhood memories for each child. It is important to collaborate and learn together in enriching, stimulating and child-interest based environments to explore and engage children’s attention and curiosity.

Children should feel safe and secure – through the development of close, genuine and reciprocal relationships with our educators. 

I believe building genuine and purposeful relationships with children and their families and our team of educators promote a safe, secure environment that children easily settle into. As a mentor it is important to be enthusiastic, support and help others achieve their goals. Building honest, respectful, trustworthy relationships and delivering constructive feedback is a fundamental building block of a healthy, long term connection with all stakeholders. 

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Family Day Care Business Development Mentor

aka Success Sidekick

e: karina@elitefdc.com.au

Hi. My name is Karina and my role at Elite is Business Development Mentor. I have worked in the Early Childhood industry for 18 years with 11 years in Long Day Care working with all ages as well as working in the office as 2IC, and spent 7 years running my own Family Daycare. I have my Certificate III in Children’s services, Diploma in Children’s Services, Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services and A bachelor in Social Science with a major in Children and Family Studies. I have recently completed my Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and also hold my Senior and Advanced first Aid.

 I have a passion for working with children and allowing them the opportunity to grow , develop and learn in safe and nurturing environments. I enjoy helping others to grow and develop in their skills and knowledge of working with children and look forward to helping educators achieve this.

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CCS Integrity

aka The Enforcer

e: lechelle@elitefdc.com.au or ph: 1300 796 399

I'm Lechelle and based in the Albany Office, my role is Office Support & Processing Coordinator. I have been with Elite (formerly LGSFDC) for 12 years. I was an Educator myself from July 2007 through to December 2008, when I made the decision to close my service. I was then offered a position alongside Sonya in the office. I have been in my role here at the office for 10.5 years and counting! My role includes nearly anything and everything to do with Child Care Subsidy and Compliance.

I thoroughly enjoy being part of the Elite team and watching it grow; from just 11 Educators when I started to now 80 plus!!

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Accounts manager

aka Chief bean counter

e: accounts@elitefdc.com.au

I have been working for Elite since April 2014 from the Albany office. My background being in accounting and general administration. I have achieved my Certificate III in Business Administration, heavily focused on accounting.

My current role is as the parent payment coordinator and accounts payable and receivable. This requires me to reconcile every bank account, credit card and prepaid card each month. I also handle

all records and accounts for our Business Development Managers and from time to time debt collection lodgements with our debt collector for unpaid fees.

As you can see I’m quite the busy bee!!! I'm also very much a facts person, due to the requirements of my role.

I have had no previous experience with day care except as a parent that preferred family day care over long day care centres. I could foresee my child being lost in the system and preferred the homeliness of family day care for my own children.

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Office Admin Support

aka Bits and Bobs

e: kathy@elitefdc.com.au

Hi I am Kathy. I have an Advance Diploma in Children's Services. 

Children are my life I started my childcare journey 26yrs ago as a babysitter, I then moved on to been a Nanny in the USA, climbing the ladder in the long day care sector as an Educator to room leader then on to becoming the Director of the Centre, 

Once I started my own family and realised I wanted to be at home with them I started a Family Day Care where I got to build some amazing & close relationships with other families. I loved running my own business as the children in my care became a part of my family. Watching these amazing little people develop into strong individuals is truly so rewarding. After 10yrs Giving up my Family Day Care was hard but it was time for my family to move on.

I was lucky enough that a position became available in the Elite so I could move from being one of their Educators to learning how the industry moves on the other side. Im looking forward to seeing where Elite takes me in this new journey, and the relationships I will build with Educators and their families. 

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Marketing & Communications Specialist

aka Chatalotasaurus

e: connie@elitefdc.com.au

I began my Elite journey in May 2021 and come with a broad base of experience. I have worked in the Early Childhood sector for 10 years in varied capacities before transferring my knowledge into a Communications role for one of Australia's largest educational resource suppliers.

I have a Cert III and Diploma in Children's Services and a Bachelor of Arts (Professional Writing and Publishing). 

My role at Elite has been designed to support the Marketing and Communications efforts at all levels to work towards meeting business goals and needs. From wowing new families with websites to strategising social media calendars and everything in between, my role is to support all stakeholders in their journey with Elite Family Day Care. 

I'm a dreamer and a big thinker! I don't like ticking a box, i'd rather colour that box in, put wings on it and watch it fly away! Why do things that way just because that's how it always has been done? Make it fun, create and innovate I say! 

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Documents Manager

aka the paper plane maker

e: docs@elitefdc.com.au

I am the Documents Manager and I know it sounds crazy, but I love compliance and paperwork! I am honoured to assist all our wonderful Educators to ensure documentation is up to date and accounted for so they can go on providing the loving, professional early education and care they do. 

I have had the privilege of working in Early Education and Care for the past 20 years in both Long Day Care and After School / Vacation Care. Starting off as a trainee carer, I worked my way up to Coordinator, Management and Educational Leader roles. I also have an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services. Over my time I have seen so many children who I felt would have really benefited from the home like, calmer environment that Family Day Care provides and so making the move to Elite seemed like to natural progression for me. I am also a mother and understand firsthand the importance of feeling safe and secure with who I leave my precious child with. 

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Parent Liason

aka the middle (wo)man

e: support@elitefdc.com.au

I am Parent Liaison aka The Middle(wo)man, and my job is to guide and support parents as they prepare to send their children off to Family Day Care.

I have been in the childcare industry for almost 10 years, spending the largest chunk (7 years) as an Educator and Assistant Co-Ordinator in a long daycare service. Over this time I have seen a lot of positive changes in the industry, most notably the inclusion of the EYLF and National Qualify Framework.

I have dipped my toes in lots of different careers, Retail, IT, Accounting, Customer Service, but Early Childhood Education is where my heart is. I thrive on building relationships, and helping people, and if I get to have a play, that's even better!

I made the move from Educator into the office after I had my first child, and I'm absolutely loving it. It feels like home here at Elite Family Day Care.

Outside of Elite, you would find me in the garden, or in the kitchen baking (to the benefit of the girls in the office)!

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Atelierista & Pedagogy Mentor

aka Madame Artsy

e: brett@elitefdc.com.au

Phew that’s a mouthful even for someone who’s arty fartsy! My name is Brett and my role is to help educators with creative learning opportunities, document and build from experiences and children's interests. I'm passionate about process art, this allows children’s freedom to create and participate in a strong sensory and natural based environment.

My Projects will be collaborative, ongoing and enriched in culture, literature, nature, science, art, history, multiculturalism and more. 

Assisting educators in documenting the learning process will be supported with education, idea sharing, creative pods and time to do so. 

In the high pressure of “to get it right” culture in which we live, I thrive on giving children the space and time to experiment and make mistakes. I’m extremely excited to help educators learn more about creative learning through videos and in person.

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FDC Career Consultant

aka Onboarding Ninja

e: jodie@elitefdc.com.au

I have been in the childcare sector since 1998, I have experienced multiple roles from educator assistant, room leader, manager and even the kitchen cook at times!

I started out in long day care, where I then progressed into owning and opening my own Family Day Care business after completing my Diploma in Children's services.

I also hold a certificate V (5) in Art and Textiles, Disability and a Diploma in Interior Design. 

I’m currently completing my Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment where I strive to increase my skills and continue to assist and support educators in creating and designing education spaces. Thus embrace the magic of a learning environment full of wonder, creativity and discovery.

My passion has always been to create spaces that support each child's development and provocate a calming, engaging, nurturing and secure environment. I am proud to have joined the elite fdc management team in 2022.

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Benefit Risk Assessor Compliance Officer

aka Hazard Hunter

e: cassie@elitefdc.com.au

Hi I’m Cassie, I have been working within the early childhood sector since 2017. My journey began in a long daycare setting before making the move to owning and operating my own approved family day care business. I am thrilled and excited to have now moved into an administration role with Elite. My role involves working alongside educators to create, monitor and review educator risk assessments, thus ensuring the health and safety of all children, their families and our educators.   

I believe each child has an equal opportunity to thrive and grow, in their own way and time. I understand the importance our influence has on them and I feel so blessed to be able to work with educators to make sure children experience amazing excursions and create lifelong memories in a safe and risk assessed managed way.

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