We have compiled a list of the most relevant information for families enrolling children into care in Western Australia.

Raising children can be challenging. Wading through the raft of information available that is aimed at assisting you is even more challenging. That is why our team have complied a list of relative authorities and trusted advisors who we believe can give you the most support when you need it. In this section you can find information on assistance with the cost of childcare including the Child Care Subsidy, childhood nutrition, immunisation and even a list of the most important questions to ask when considering which childcare centre to enrol your child in. This list is always changing so be sure to check back regularly.


Assistance to help you with the cost of child care.

Childhood immunisation information for families enrolling.

Information about early childhood education and care.

Guidance for Australian parents across a broad range of topics. 

How to choose the right family day care

Choosing a childcare centre for your child can be a difficult task. Where do you start, who do you trust? Think about your morning coffee, long black with a sweetener, extra hot flat white, double shot skim latte, soy mocha in a keep cup, the combinations and possibilities are both endless and ever changing. The same applies to childcare centres and family day care services. Operating hours, physical spaces, education philosophies, safety and curriculum are as individual to each centre as your morning cup of coffee is to you. 

Our many years of experience has helped us compile a list of both the most common and important questions and information when deciding on a family day care centre for your child. We encourage you to use our parent checklist when calling or visiting a childcare centre to decide if it is the right fit for you and your child. You can also view our parent handbook which includes the nitty gritty about Elite Family Day Care centres. These resources are available below.

Elite Family Day Care Educator reading a book to children in childcare centre

Print or save a copy of this checklist for reference when you contact your Family Day Care service.

All the nitty gritty bits of what happens when you enrol at an Elite Family Day Care service.

Still have more questions? Looking for a particular service or assistance on a certain topic?


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