Our childcare services across Western Australia allow you to enjoy peace of mind knowing your koolang (child) is djoorap (happy) in a nurturing, natural and flexible miya/kaalak (home) kaadadjan/kaaditjin (learning) environment.

Our Elite educators operate across Western Australia allowing you to enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is happy in a nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment.

My dedication for family day care to my teens. Around this time, my parents started a family day care business which I naturally felt a connection to and became part of. Working 24/7, I became a qualified Family Day Care educator, progressing into a co-ordinator role and then into an owner capacity by 2007 when Elite Family Day Care was born.  

Having been a family day care educator, I am uniquely positioned to understand both the challenges and complexities of working in the early childhood sector as well as the pure enjoyment and fulfilment such a career offers.

This combined understanding and experience has allowed me to operate a scheme that is built on foundations of collaboration, common sense, innovation and engagement. 

We keep it simple; we build and maintain strong relationships and we align with our network of educators with practical systems.

From humble beginnings with 4 educators, we are proud to now support over 100 educators and over 700 families and children throughout Western Australia.

We hope to see you and your family soon.

Sonya, General Manager

ELITES philosophy

elite acknowledges the Nyungar, Kariyarra, Yamatji & Wongi mobs as the traditional custodians of the lands in which our company is located and where we conduct our

business. We pay our respects to ancestors and elders, Koorah (past) Nitja (present) and Boordahwan (future) and strive to embed their cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, waters, and seas into our practices. Innovation At elite we strive to simplify legislation by developing and implementing common sense strategies, that save our educators time and improve our service delivery. We always look for the why? Being inquisitive helps us to find KISS (Keep it Simple

Systems). Although eliteified (elite simplified) our educators are confident that elite systems are comprehensive and provide them with more time to focus on the children in care.

Transparency – at elite we are open, honest, and straightforward. We never conceal our mistakes, instead we accept accountability, seek feedback & guidance to improve our practice. We are transparent with our pricing structures for educators and families, we communicate our expectations to ensure we provide the best service possible. In

supporting educators, we refer to the source documents, the legislative instruments explaining the how and why behind our decision-making processes and systems.

Collaborative – elite understands that our business success relies on achieving shared goals and collaborative partnerships with both our educators and stakeholders. We work together to achieve business benefits through culture, systems, technology, and governance. We appreciate establishing strategic connections through alliances that

mutually benefit our combined business successes. elite recognises each child's right to access quality education and care in welcoming supportive surroundings. We recognise our educators' homes (venues) are as unique as the families and children we educate and care for. Every educator operates their own unique business within the context of their communities using their professional knowledge to guide their business practices and decisions. elite prides itself on creating a unique “elite family” one where everyone feels connected, secure, supported and sense of belonging to their educator, service, and community.


  •  Each Moort (family) has its own characteristics, strengths, and resources.
  •  All Moort (families) have strengths.
  •  Koolangka (Children) and their Moort (families) are part of a community.
  •  Moort (Families) have the most influence on their koolangka (children).
  •  Parents have interests, roles, and responsibilities in addition to their Moort (family) responsibilities.
  •  There are many ways for a moort (family) to be involved with their koolangka (children’s) care.
  •  Moort (Families) and Elite Childcare Educators have something to offer each other.


  • Collaboration - we have shared goals and mutual respect when working dandjoo (together).
  • Common sense - practicality for all!
  • Innovation - asking why, striving for better and saving time.
  • Engagement - being fully absorbed and enthusiastic about early childhood, career progression and success.
  • Transparency - open, honest and straight forward. We use challenges to drive quality improvement.
  • Loyalty - long term support as an established network where moort (family) comes first.


From Perth to the Pilbara, Elite Family Day Care Educators are located in most areas across Western Australia.