Our childcare services across Western Australia allow you to enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is happy in a nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment.

Our Elite educators operate across Western Australia allowing you to enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is happy in a nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment.

My dedication for family day care to my teens. Around this time, my parents started a family day care business which I naturally felt a connection to and became part of. Working 24/7, I became a qualified Family Day Care educator, progressing into a co-ordinator role and then into an owner capacity by 2007 when Elite Family Day Care was born.  

Having been a family day care educator, I am uniquely positioned to understand both the challenges and complexities of working in the early childhood sector as well as the pure enjoyment and fulfilment such a career offers.

This combined understanding and experience has allowed me to operate a scheme that is built on foundations of collaboration, common sense, innovation and engagement. 

We keep it simple; we build and maintain strong relationships and we align with our network of educators with practical systems.

From humble beginnings with 4 educators, we are proud to now support over 100 educators and over 700 families and children throughout Western Australia.

We hope to see you and your family soon.

Sonya, General Manager

ELITES philosophy

We believe in working in partnership with families, children, and communities providing a warm, secure, and welcoming learning environment. We recognise each family comes with its own characteristics, strengths, and resources. Having this partnership with families enables us to recognise and acknowledge the diversity of culture, leading to early childhood learning environments that are rich in opportunities for all. Each family is welcomed into our community and are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education and care.

We believe the best quality outcomes for children in childcare are achieved with professional, respectful and reciprocal relationships with educators, staff, and families. Educators provide indoor and outdoor learning environments to support each child’s participation and engage in child-focused experiences.

Open-ended resources are explored in unlimited and imaginative ways, this allows children to respond in their own unique ways on the path to becoming confident and involved learners.

Collaboration is our foundation when recruiting, mentoring, and supporting educators, this allows us to ensure educators are operating their services within ethical business guidelines and aspire to current best practice.


  •  Each family has its own characteristics, strengths, and resources.
  •  All families have strengths.
  •  Children and their families are part of a community.
  •  Families have the most influence on their children.
  •  Parents have interests, roles, and responsibilities in addition to their family responsibilities.
  •  There are many ways for a family to be involved with their children’s care.
  •  Families and Elite Childcare Educators have something to offer each other.


  • Collaboration - we have shared goals and mutual respect when working together.
  • Common sense - practicality for all!
  • Innovation - asking why, striving for better and saving time.
  • Engagement - being fully absorbed and enthusiastic about early childhood, career progression and success.
  • Transparency - open, honest and straight forward. We use challenges to drive quality improvement.
  • Loyalty - long term support as an established network where family comes first.


From Perth to the Pilbara, Elite Family Day Care Educators are located in most areas across Western Australia.